About Us

The BT Wines Story

In May 2013, after many years of research and thought, I had an idea, one which would bring a distinct Irish aspect to excellent quality grape wines, and that idea was Irish Peated Wines. Both Trisha & I originate from Limerick in the West of Ireland and share strong ties with Foynes and the Flying Boat & Maritime Museum, which is home of the first passenger transatlantic flights with the US and importantly, where Irish Coffee was invented. Both Trisha & I knew each other from University where we both studied Business & Trisha had returned to college again to pursue her real passion in food, and she successfully received her Culinary Arts designation. Trisha and I have always shared a strong interest in food & wine and that’s why it became a natural partnership from the beginning, and hence the name, BT Wines.   

Following our interest in food and wine, we have travelled to numerous wine regions across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada and we always spend a great deal of time researching and learning as we travel. Once the wheels had been set in motion for Irish Peated Wines,  we started our research by attending wine exhibitions across Europe and spent the first few years researching and experimenting with a wide variety of grapes and processes, to make our idea for Irish Peated Wines a reality, to create truly unique wines, ones which marry the peat lands of Ireland with grape varieties everyone knows and loves.

Our first wine is our Pinot Noir, and this was truly a labour of love. Our grapes are grown on a beautiful family vineyard on the German Wine road where sunshine is abundant, unlike Ireland where Peat soils are abundant, and the grapes are consistently excellent quality, thus ensuring our wines are always of the highest quality and standard. Our wines offer a truly unique experience and are a great gift and talking point among family and friends. I could speak all day long about how amazing our wines are, but we have had numerous excellent independent reviews which describe our wine in wonderful detail, so if you have time, I have included just a couple under the ‘Reviews’ tab.    

Thank you for joining us on our BT Wines journey, and we truly believe you will be talking about your Irish Peated Wine experience for many years to come. Sláinte!